About arrival

1. What do I have to do when I arrive Ixora Apartment? How do I get the key to my unit?

During office hour

  • Go to our office
  • Fill up the Tenancy Information
  • Sign your Tenancy Agreement
  • Pick up your ‘Check – In Inventory List’ form, which is require to be returned to our office within 2 working days.
  • Then we will hand over the keys to you. Please note: the initial payment has to be made in full, we can not issue the keys if the payment has not been made! For details about your payment, please check the ‘confirmation accommodation’ email you received from us.

2. I will not arrive during office hours, what should I do?

You will need to inform us that you would be arriving late, 3 working days prior your arrival. We will make the necessary arrangement and inform you via phone call.

Please note: The initial payment need to be made in full before your arrival.

3. Someone else is going to pick up my keys for me. What needs to be arranged?

We will only hand over the keys when the first payment is made. You will need to send an email with name and IC no of the person that will pick up your key. This person must be bringing his/her IC and your proof of the payment along. You need to come by our office on the first working day after your arrival to sign the Tenancy Agreement and submit any missing supporting documents.

4. Something in the room is broken or missing.

You need to report thing(s) that are broken or missing within 2 days of your arrival, in the check-in inventory list that is given to you upon arrival. Management team will deal with these request as soon as possible.