About departure

1. Is it possible to end my tenancy agreement earlier than planned?

The approval for the termination of your tenancy agreement is valuated on a case by case basic. Under the following events,

  • Transfer to MMU Cyber Jaya with not less than 2 months notice before the transfer and with supported documents – will incur a RM150 administration fee
  •  Graduate from the university with supported documents – balance of the deposit will be refund
  • Withdrawal from the university with other reason which is not mentioned above – the deposit will be fully forfeited

2. What do I have to do before I leave?

You have to clean your room, take out all your personal belongings and garbage, in both your room and common area (including living room, pantry and toilet). Everything must be complete and undamaged. The management team will carry out an inspection of your room and of the communal areas after you leave, and any applicable charges will be deducted from your deposit.