About rent

1. When do I have to pay the rent?

Interval Interval Duration Interval Rental Date of Payment
1st 1st June to 31st August 3 months New tenant, on registration or check in
Existing tenant, within 1st June to 7th June (whichever is applicable)
2nd 1st September to 30th November 3 months Within 1st September to 7th September
3rd 1st December to 28th February 3 months Within 1st December to 7th December
4th 1st March to 31st May 3 months Within 1st February to 7th February

2. How do I pay the rent?

Quarterly, you will receive an invoice in your mailbox or deliver to your doorstep. We advise you to come into our office to pay the rental, either by cash, bankard or credit card. If you wish to transfer the rent to our bank account, here are our bank acconts’ details:

Pay to : PBR Management Sdn. Bhd.
Bank: Maybank
Account No: 504067 – 283845

Please clearly state your name, unit no and contact no in the receipt before fax (06 – 231 2111) or email ([email protected]) to us. 

3. I have received an invoice slip but I already paid!

The invoice slip is send out automatically every quarter. Please ignore the bill if you had made the payment.

4. What does my rent consist of?

As an Ixora Apartment’s tenant, your rent does not include the monthly utilities fee (RM 30/month, except for Block A and B singled bed will be charge RM45/month). For more details, please refer to Rooms section.