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  • Departure

About reservation

1. What is the rental period for Ixora apartment accommodation?

Your contract period will be from 1st June of this year to 31st May of next year, one academic year. Check the term and condition of the Tenancy Agreement if you wish to rent a shorter period.

2. I have reserved but my plan changed and I am not coming after all.

You will need to inform us that you would like to cancel your reservation. This is possible prior one calendar month before the commencement date of the rental period. If you cancel , your deposit will be deducted RM200.00 . Check the terms and conditions for details. Cancellation after the commencement of the rental period is not possible.

3. Do I have to pay prior my arrival?

Yes, you need to pay an initial payment prior your arrival. The initial payment includes three month advance rental + RM65.00 for access card, two months rental as deposit ( for security and utilities deposit) + RM 50.00 for unit/room keys deposit. For more information on way of payment, please go here.

About arrival

1. What do I have to do when I arrive Ixora Apartment? How do I get the key to my unit?

During office hour

  • Go to our office
  • Fill up the Tenancy Information
  • Sign your Tenancy Agreement
  • Pick up your ‘Check – In Inventory List’ form, which is require to be returned to our office within 2 working days.
  • Then we will hand over the keys to you. Please note: the initial payment has to be made in full, we can not issue the keys if the payment has not been made! For details about your payment, please check the ‘confirmation accommodation’ email you received from us.

2. I will not arrive during office hours, what should I do?

You will need to inform us that you would be arriving late, 3 working days prior your arrival. We will make the necessary arrangement and inform you via phone call.

Please note: The initial payment need to be made in full before your arrival.

3. Someone else is going to pick up my keys for me. What needs to be arranged?

We will only hand over the keys when the first payment is made. You will need to send an email with name and IC no of the person that will pick up your key. This person must be bringing his/her IC and your proof of the payment along. You need to come by our office on the first working day after your arrival to sign the Tenancy Agreement and submit any missing supporting documents.

4. Something in the room is broken or missing.

You need to report thing(s) that are broken or missing within 2 days of your arrival, in the check-in inventory list that is given to you upon arrival. Management team will deal with these request as soon as possible.

About rent

1. When do I have to pay the rent?

Interval Interval Duration Interval Rental Date of Payment
1st 1st June to 31st August 3 months New tenant, on registration or check in
Existing tenant, within 1st June to 7th June (whichever is applicable)
2nd 1st September to 30th November 3 months Within 1st September to 7th September
3rd 1st December to 28th February 3 months Within 1st December to 7th December
4th 1st March to 31st May 3 months Within 1st February to 7th February

2. How do I pay the rent?

Quarterly, you will receive an invoice in your mailbox or deliver to your doorstep. We advise you to come into our office to pay the rental, either by cash, bankard or credit card. If you wish to transfer the rent to our bank account, here are our bank acconts’ details:

Pay to : PBR Management Sdn. Bhd.
Bank: Maybank
Account No: 504067 – 283845

Please clearly state your name, unit no and contact no in the receipt before fax (06 – 231 2111) or email ([email protected]) to us. 

3. I have received an invoice slip but I already paid!

The invoice slip is send out automatically every quarter. Please ignore the bill if you had made the payment.

4. What does my rent consist of?

As an Ixora Apartment’s tenant, your rent does not include the monthly utilities fee (RM 30/month, except for Block A and B singled bed will be charge RM45/month). For more details, please refer to Rooms section.

About accommodation

1. What do I need to bring?

All rooms in the units are fully furnished with a single bed, chair, study desk and wardrobe. You are required to provide your own bedding including mattress, pillow and blanket.

2. What is the distance from my accommodation to my university?

For MMU student, Ixora Apartment is just two minutes walking distance away and the journey is fully covered and lighted.

For other university student, there is a google map with all universities in the neighbourhood marked. Please have the transportation checked prior the arrival as transportation is not provided.

3. I am going away for a while, can someone else stay in my room?

No, you are not allowed to offer your room to someone else. Not even they pay or for free.

4. If I am going away for internship, can my rent be waive?

Unfortunately, your rent can not be waive. However, your utilities fee could be waived if the following documents are submitted one month prior the start of your internship.

  • An official university offering letter for your internship.
  • An official letter from the company where you will be interned.
  • A letter with all your housemates’ approval for the waive of your utilities fee for the internship period.

5. Can I keep a pet in my unit/apartment?

No, you are not allowed to keep pet(s) in your room.

6. Am I allow to cook in the my unit/apartment?

No cooking is allowed in the unit especially involving the use of gas barrel.

7. I have a request for repair

Log in your request at our office.

8. I have a request to change unit

Unfortunately, between the Tenancy Agreement period, change of unit is not available.

9. Will there be any mixed gender accommodation available?

No, all our accommodation are for single gender arrangement only.

10. I am a tenant, will I be able to park my vehicle inside the car park of Ixora Apartment?

Yes, you will need to obtain a valid parking sticker with the management office. All vehicle must be parked at the designated parking areas.

Please refer the following for the parking charges.

Yearly Quarterly Monthly
Car RM 320 RM 100 RM 55
Motorcycle RM 110 RM 35 RM 25
Bicycle FOC

11. Do you have water heater for the shower? What about air-condition?

There are no water heater and air-condition in our units. However, installation of water heater and air – condition could be arrange. For more information, please contact us.


12. I want to continue my stay in Ixora Apartment, what can I do?

If you wish to continue your stay, you are require to sign the renewal notice and submit to our office not less than two weeks before 31th May to secure your existing unit.

About departure

1. Is it possible to end my tenancy agreement earlier than planned?

The approval for the termination of your tenancy agreement is valuated on a case by case basic. Under the following events,

  • Transfer to MMU Cyber Jaya with not less than 2 months notice before the transfer and with supported documents – will incur a RM150 administration fee
  •  Graduate from the university with supported documents – balance of the deposit will be refund
  • Withdrawal from the university with other reason which is not mentioned above – the deposit will be fully forfeited

2. What do I have to do before I leave?

You have to clean your room, take out all your personal belongings and garbage, in both your room and common area (including living room, pantry and toilet). Everything must be complete and undamaged. The management team will carry out an inspection of your room and of the communal areas after you leave, and any applicable charges will be deducted from your deposit.